Nemo (Part 2 of 3)

by Matthew Turner

Soon enough, ‘Nemo’ users had stopped posting pictures of themselves. Instead they chose photographs of their rare architectural details, such as ornate cornicing and high ceilings, which in particular were at a premium in London at the time.

Sexual positions, in general, once favoured the two people involved in the act. Missionary, for example, allowed an unbroken and direct gaze between lovers. Porn and the invasion of the camera introduced a third eye into the situation, so gestures and sexual positions were developed to display the body to the camera instead. These new positions took on another meaning in the wake of ‘Nemo’ allowing people to disengage with each other and be beheld and objectified only by their own possessions; and not just cameras, but tables, sofas, doors and bookshelves, even string-of-pearl cornicing, petite window mullions, and the groin between two walls. This fetishisation of objects —and the objectification of the people using those objects — became so widespread that high-end luxury goods quickly increased in value if they could be reappropriated to take centre stage in sex acts. One such item was the Philippe Starck Ghost chair (without armrests), which allowed, through its use of expensive transparent materials, an uninhibited view of the naked body using it.

Over the years these sexual interests developed in their sophistication, and perversions usually concentrated solely on breaking the great rational modernist dictum: ‘Form Follows Function’. As in the ghost chair for example, the original function of its form was defiled and contradicted. This was done in much more intricate, thoughtful and intimate ways than simply having sex in the kitchen, and the objects became part of the body and the optic through which it was viewed.

In such increasingly lavish surroundings, and with the body merging with objects and architecture, even the most perverse and degrading sex acts could be ameliorated. This was another lesson ’Nemo’ learnt from pornography; a gangbang in a Croydon council flat would seem exploitative, and one conducted in a Hampstead mansion decadent and luxurious.

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